Friday, April 13, 2007

Rain rain, go away, come again some non-book-signing-day...

So, not only do I somehow end up scheduling a book signing an entire city away on Friday the 13th, but I also somehow pick the very day that severe thunderstorms are predicted across Louisiana.

Welcome to the irony.

I really should write chick-lit novels, instead! =)

I'm a little nervous that the weather will be so bad that no one gets out to attend the event...but, some people go to libraries on rainy days, right? It's from 3-6 p.m., so maybe some of the "after-school" crowd will have to go for school/research/homework purposes...but I can't fret too much. God is in control! He knows how many people will show up, if any, and you know what else - I'm okay with that! I believe His purpose will be accomplished even if I wind up sitting there alone, eating all the angel-shaped cookies by myself.

Such is a writer's life. =)

Seriously though, my God not only controls my destiny but He also controls the wind and rain! He tells the drops where to fall, and if He desires, He can scoot the entire storm around Arcadia and give us a rainbow and sunny skies! I'm praying He does that. (feel free to join me in prayer for that request!) But again, if not... He's still God! And I'm still okay.

Stay tuned...

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Georgiana D said...

Must post pictures. Now.

And yes, you should write chick lit--your life is filled with great material.