Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Crazy Little Thing Called Characters

Well, I'm convinced Logan hates me. He's mad that Callie hurt his feelings, and now...zippo. He refuses to speak.

Any other writers out there having a similar problem? I'm trying to write, and I can just see Logan with his arms crossed, lips pressed together in a tight line, shaking his head. Bitterness radiates from his hunched shoulders. Nuh uh.

What do you guys do when your characters hush? When they get their feelings hurt and totally leave you to wing it alone? When they drag their feet and fight you every step of the way?

Do you take a break? Eat chocolate? Run laps? Find a paddle to pop them with? Apologize? All of the above???


I'm sorry Logan! But it was all for a purpose!! JUST HANG IN THERE UNTIL CHAPTER FIVE! IT WILL GET BETTER, I PROMISE!!! =)


Georgiana D said...

I stop writing. How's that for bad advice? LOL, how about reading something in your genre that will inspire you? That's what I'm about to do. Or do something else to jumpstart your creativity--movie, an activity that you think your character would enjoy, talk online to your crit bud........

Erica Vetsch said...

When my characters do this to me, I find I have to come at it from a different POV. Most of the time it's not my characters, it's me! I am trying to make the wrong one talk when THEY know it isn't their turn. LOL