Wednesday, April 18, 2007

"Change is in the air..."

Change isn't always a bad thing, but sometimes its just hard to remember that fact! Change is good in that it helps us grow, it challenges us to reach new levels, strive harder, take on new responsibilities...but to be honest - it's scary!

You know what I mean?

Even what we consider "good" changes still usually involve hard work, uncertainty, trust in God, and a whole lot of faith! (could it be that's why we experience change so often?!)

What changes are you going through right now? At work? At home? Within your family? Your school? Your career? Your writing?

Are you holding yourself back from something because of uncertainty? Fear? Doubts? Lack of trust? Its never too late to leap! When I'm nervous about a situation, I like to think of Peter. When he saw Jesus waiting for him, he jumped right out of that boat and into the ocean. No doubt he remembered that time he walked on the same waves that currently pounded against his body. No matter! He was going to see Jesus. His eye was on the goal. The fact that he was soaking wet, probably had no dry clothes to change into, and oodles of saltwater in his mouth didn't deter him from that goal! He was shore-bound.

Do you need to jump out of the boat today? Is Jesus waiting for you to take a first step in faith so He can bless your socks off? With your writer's block? With your agent-search? With your full-time job? With your teenagers? Your husband?




Georgiana D said...

Wow, you got that right. I think "YES" to all of the above. OK, maybe not the full time job thing since I'm a SAHM, but the rest of it, yes. I can't think of anything in our lives that's same-ol', same-ol'. I'm looking forward to the blessing my socks off part, LOL!

Erica Vetsch said...

I'm such a shrinking violet when it comes to change. I have my rut and I love it. But you're right. God is waiting for me to step out of the boat and trust Him with change.