Wednesday, June 07, 2006


As a budding writing, I've come to realize that you can find inspiration in the smallest of things. A whole novel idea can stem from one misunderstanding, one glance, one random, daydreaming thought, or one letter in the mail.

Characters can be born from an afternoon of people-watching at a coffee shop, or from piecing together parts of other characters from your favorite novels. This character's hair combined with this character's love for animals, pieced with this character's car and this character's family life, etc.

One thing I have trouble with at times while writing is keeping my passion for my current work-in-progress. This is especially hard when you are working on more than one book at a time. I am currently writing a romantic suspense and a straight romance, and for awhile, the suspense was my sole focus, because it was more interesting. I had less trouble getting words to flow while working on that project.

Then, last night, I had a dream, and now my passion is back for my back-burning romance WIP. I've written several pages today, excited once again, all because of some unconscious memories in the form of a dream.

If you're a writer, my advice is to stay alert! Assume that nothing is a coincidence, but that everything is for a reason. Anything and everything around you can be inspiration for your next book.

Keep your eyes open and that notepad handy! You never know when God will bless you with an fresh idea or a brilliant twist that will keep you and your characters on your toes!


Michelle said...

I love your blog. How did you personalize it like that?

Betsy Ann said...

Thanks Michelle! I actually Googled some "MySpace" graphic links and used those html codes to put pictures on my template.

Anonymous said...

Hey girly! Stoppin by to read! lol Hope your having a dandy day! :)

Becky said...

Good reminder for novelists, Betsy. I like your understanding of dreams. Keep those words coming!


Anna said...

Just stopping by to say hi from the Christian Women Online blogring :) I just joined so I'm exploring other sites... Have a fabulous day! God Bless!