Friday, June 30, 2006

A Friday Miracle...

There's no better way to start your Friday than with a good ol' fashioned answered prayer! =)

I witnessed a miracle today - literally. My husband, Brandon, called me this morning just minutes after he left for work and asked the dreaded words "Do you have my wallet?" Well, I panicked, because NO, I didn't.

Thus began what can only be called The Franctic Hunt. I backtracked in my mind the events of the past 24 hours and came to the conclusion that it could ONLY be in the truck, in the yard, or in the house.

I knew this because last night we were coming home from his softball game and I had his wallet in my purse (I always hold everything for him while he plays) and in the truck I took it out of my purse and put it on the middle console between us, knowing I'd forget to give it to him later. He even remembers me putting it there! Well, the wallet started sliding around on the console, so I put it in my lap so we wouldn't lose it - haha! How's that for irony? That was my last recollection of the wallet.

I tore the house upside down trying to find it. I looked in the washer, dryer, checked all pants pockets, looked under the bed, under my pillow (wishful thinking!) even became desperate enough to look in the oven, fridge, and trash. The whole time I'm searching, I'm thinking that this upcoming holiday weekend is probably the worst possible time for this to happen because everything was going to be closed, plus the fact that Brandon's birthday is Sunday and this wasn't a great Happy Birthday situation!

While I'm searching, I'm telling myself it could be worse. At least the wallet didn't have cash in it, although the whole credit card/debit card/license thing would be a horrible hassle to go through.

It's not in the house. So, I go out (in my pajamas, no less!) and search the yard, driveway, flower beds, neighbors yard, even the outside trashcan. Ilooked EVERYwhere. Nothing.

Thus began what can only be called My Frantic Prayer. "God, please just put it in front of us! Forgive our carelessness! You know where it is and I don't want to ruin my sweet hubby's birthday weekend by having to deal with this mess!! So please put it in front of someone!!"

Well, I combed the yard again, even looked under my car! Nothing. Finally, I had to leave for work or I'd be late myself. I backed out of the driveway slowly and looked in the driveway ONE MORE time before I pulled onto the street, just in case.


I called my mom while driving away and she said she'd go over to my house at some point and look around with a "fresh pair of eyes" to see if we had overlooked it.

I get to work, practicing like a good Christian girl the lesson I learned from a recent Women of Faith conference - "this is not a problem, just an inconvenience" though I knew deep down that I did consider it to be a problem! (hey, I tried, right??)

I logged online and checked our bank account - no charges so far. At least if someone had stolen it, they weren't shopping yet! I hated to call and cancel all the cards when I was hoping so strongly that we'd get it back!

Well, I was in the middle of typing out an email to my coworkers, asking for their prayers, when I get the call from Brandon. "Your mom found it!"

Such blissful words. Delicious, really.

I screamed with joy, literally - people stared. I then called my mom for the details and you'll never believe where she found it...My house is about four houses down from the railroad tracks on our street. Well, as soon as she had crossed over the tracks, she could clearly see the wallet lying in the driveway. She picked it up and it was fine - nothing was missing, it hadn't even been run over by either of us! I said, "MOM - I checked the yard TWICE this morning, thoroughly. It wasn't there!!" I got chills as I said the words!

I know it's possible that I overlooked it, but I really don't think I did. Either way, God answered my fervent prayer this morning and put the wallet right in front of someone - just as I had asked.

Praise Him today!


Cathy West said...

I love these moments! It just proves again that God is interested in every facet of our lives. I had this experience when we were on a cruise to Alaska. The kids were small, I think Sarah was nine. We had just bought her her first 'grown-up' watch. It was Roxy, with a blue face and diamonds (not real of course!) around the outside. We were disembarking the ship for the land tour. When we got to the hotel, Sarah realized she did not have her watch!! We hunted everywhere - all through each of our bags, everywhere we could think of. As you can imagine, she was devastated. They all left to go down to the pool to take her mind off losing the watch, and I was alone in the hotel room. I began to ask God again to show me where the watch was, just incase we;d missed something. As I sat there, in my minds eye, I saw my black velvet evening bag. I shook my head. Come on, I've already looked through it, dumped it out infact!! But the vision stayed. So I went into the suitcase again and fished out that little purse.
Guess what was in it??
God is amazing.

Malia Spencer said...

I love it when God does stuff like that. I left my wallet at the mall once in high school. It made me sick. I went to all the places I had been and finally went to see mall security. Those were my BC days (before credit cards) but I still had my drivers license and a few other membership cards which would be a pain to replace.

A half hour later I got a call saying someone had turned the wallet in. The cash was missing, about $10, but all my cards were intact. Needless to say I was very happy. I haven't lost my wallet since, only a credit card at a gas station where someone turned it in. God really does look out for us. :)

Camy Tang said...

LOL I love the Frantic Hunt and Frantic Prayer--been there, done that! I'm glad your mom found it safe and sound!

Anonymous said...

Yay!! Your Mommy found it!! *she dances around the livingroom in joy* I am so happy for yah!!!! Praise God! Isn't God soooo good! We praise God with you girly!! :0