Monday, January 14, 2013

Spring cleaning in January

So I'm suddenly in the mood to spring clean.

I mean, like, scrub behind the refrigerator, de-clutter, throw everything away that we haven't touched in 6 months, every closet/every drawer/every crevice, spring clean.

You'd think I was 36 weeks pregnant and nesting or something.

Sigh. It's actually sort of horrible, because it's so overwhelming and there's no time or money to really do all I want to do. And this is definitely not what I need to think about 4 weeks away from my book deadline!

I need a spring cleaning fairy.

Though I'm actually still just riding the high that I changed out our computer monitor and keyboard (monitor was dying) all by myself with only one brief phone call to my tech-genius Daddy. Woot woot! Maybe that'll distract me from the clutter.  ;)

And the dust bunnies behind the fridge that I can't see but I know are there....

Are you spring cleaning yet for the new year? Or procrastinating? Or is your house so perfect and clean 24/7 you don't even need to?

1 comment:

Gina said...

I was just happy that the hubs washed the floors last night:-) 15 month olds cause quite the mess while eating;-)