Thursday, January 17, 2013

Escape with...

Some days, you just want to escape.

NEED to, really, so you don't actually go insane.

Running away to a warm deserted beach island isn't a possibility for me today, though at this point I'm sort of like "well heck just charge that too".  (Yeah, just found out last night our heater repair in our house is going to be $948)

My friend posted on FB yesterday about how hard it was to be on bedrest (with her third child) and uncomfortable and forbidden to do anything her OCD nature demands (housework, laundry, babyroom prep, etc.) And how her nerves were shot and she needed an OCD break. I can totally relate! I told her on FB after getting the bill for the heater - "I understand. I was just thinking how great it'd feel to punch a hole in the wall, but I don't want to have to deal with sheetrock dust."  haha. Been there?

So, (as a much less messy and less painful and less expensive alternative to beach trips and wall punching)  I'm planning on escaping tonight inside a few more chapters of Carol Cox's "Love in Disguise". Fabulous historical about a Pinkerton detective who is playing the part of an older woman and a vivacious younger woman to undercover the truth about some mine thefts...and falls in love with one of her suspects who has no idea she isn't any of her roles!

Talk about bigger problems than mine  ;)

Where do you escape?

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