Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Under the radar

Sometimes, flying under the radar so to speak can be a good thing. Like, when you're in the Fire Academy. My husband said you wanted to be invisible there. Blend in. Don't show off, don't stand out, because then you're the guy running extra laps, doing more pushups, or otherwise being abused ;)

Good advice!

However - I think we can often be tempted to fly under the radar in our spiritual lives. We hide and think if we just blend in, the devil won't notice us. We won't be targets. If we're bland, neutral, off the map, we won't be attacked and things will be smooth sailing.

Well, maybe that's true. But maybe not. Either way, how is that attitude living an abundant life in Christ? How is that effective ministry? How is that furthering the kingdom or drawing others to the Lord? And isn't THAT what it's all about, truly? It might be easier to stay hidden and be subtle so we don't get drug through the mud of faith-testing. The past few weeks, I've been tempted to cover myself in a camo-print blanket and just.not.move.

But I'm moving. In bright orange hunter's gear. Fighting back with Scripture and prayer and faith, and knowing that the harder things get and the more they flat out suck (pardon my French), the more God is at work. The more things are happening in the unseen world. The more it's WORTH IT.

You've heard the catchy little phrase about "Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor in the morning, the devil says 'oh crap. she's up."

That's clever and quirks a smile, but it's seriously a good way to live. Not in a challenge mode. Not in "bring it on devil"  mode because OH that's not where you need to go either! But in a sincere "Here I am Lord. Use me" kind of Isaiah way. The faith of a mustard seed kind of way. The mountain moving kind of way.

I'm here. I've got my little seed. (and not much else) and I'm huffing and puffing in faith. On the radar, on the map. Not hiding. Because He who is in me is greater than He who is in the world. Amen.

What do YOU think?


Tonya said...

I get what your saying. I think the devil likes to go after those he knows has a strong faith. Why go after an easy target? Ofcourse, God knows what we can handle so it ultimately has a plan and is not too much.

Anne Prado said...

I'm behind on reading your blog and wish I hadn't missed this post! For sure, standing out does take courage, and the devil will ALWAYS prefer that we fly under the radar instead of shining with what God's given us. Thanks for the great reminder!!