Monday, March 17, 2008

Shamrock Cookie Temptations...

I can't stop thinking about them. You know, the sugar cookies you see in Walmart or Brookshires before every holiday, covered in sparkly glitter sugar crystals? Easter eggs, pumpkins, christmas trees, valentine hearts, etc. I know the shamrock shaped ones are there, and honestly, I'm debating getting in my car and going to buy a box. Ridiculous, but GEE, no one told me pregnancy cravings were a force to be reckoned with. I always thought "oh whatever, I have better discipline than that..."

Uh, wrong.

Like yesterday, while shoe shopping, trying to be responsible and buy what I NEEDED with my gift card vs. buying the first pair of cute heels that caught my eye...I stepped into the shoe store, breathed in the scent of leather and polka dots (yes, they smell) and just swooned right there in the doorway. Angels sang, the lights brightened, and a spotlight fell on a pair of gorgeous hot pink stiletto heels. (and yeah, they were about 5 inches taller than a common-sense shoe for a teetering Preggo). I almost called my good friend Lori for moral support, then remembered her shoe weakness is possibly as strong as mine. I might have ended up buying two pair and shipping her one. LOL.

So I put away the cell phone and settled for cradling the display model in my hands. A saleswoman asked if I needed help and I explained that no, I was pretty much past help, that I really shouldn't be allowed unsupervised in a shoe store at all.

Thankfully, my budget, and possibly a bit of my remaining common sense, glared all too bright and I managed to walk away with empty hands, a relieved but nervous credit card, and a sad heart.

I knew a shamrock cookie would cheer me up. Still would right now, actually, but its 9:00 p.m. and Walmart probably isn't the safest place for me to go alone. But oh the green crystals! Calling my name!
Less you feel TOO sorry for me (wink), let me inform you that I did end up with an affordable and adorable pair of black and white (low-heeled) sandals from Payless, purchased with a gift card. Proud of me, eh?
Does this mean I get a cookie?
Sorry, I'll try to focus. Anyways, besides the cookie and shoe temptations, I'm doing very well. I'm two weeks past the halfway mark in my pregnancy and sailing right along. I've even been able to work on my newest WIP for 45 min. to an hour a day during my lunch break at work. I'm excited about this level of production - finally my concentration has come back, though the clumsiness, forgetfulness, and all around stupidity isn't really going away. lol Maybe that'll come back after the baby is here...though everyone says it'll take awhile because once the hormone excuse is no longer applicable, the sleep-deprived excuse is.
I like sleep almost as much as shamrock cookies. (but not as much as shoes). Hopefully I'll find the balance.
But if not, there's always Payless. =)


Georgiana said...

That's cute! I should have known that polka dots have a scent =)

Lori said...

Yes, calling me for help might have been like asking a chocoholic to pick you up at a French bakery on the day they make those chocolate croissants. Percent chance of leaving without one? 0.