Tuesday, March 04, 2008

If you miss this series, you're a dork =)

Harsh, but true. I am now officially passing judgment on anyone who chooses not to read Melanie Well's "Day of Evil" series. There is simply no excuse. It's one of the best suspense/thriller series I've ever read, and for those of you who like "edgy" in CBA - look no further. Melanie somehow got away with all the things us fledgling authors want to write about but can't because we haven't made our name yet =) I love it, and I'm so proud of her!

I owe Melanie a lot (but would love her even if I didn't) She was my first interview on this, my first blog, when her book #1 came out (When the Day of Evil Comes) and her connections began a spiraly wonder web that got me started in a zillion author interviews, not to mention friendships, encouragement from various writers, and eventually a dream-come-true chat session with one of my favorite authors ever - Robin Jones Gunn.

Long story, but the bottom line is - Melanie rocks, and so do her books. Enough said!

Well, I'm a writer, there's really never ENOUGH said. But anyways....here's Melanie.

And here's her new book cover...

Creepy, huh? (the cover, not Mel) Here's the first two in the series...what amazing cover art! Perfect!

To my understanding, these books were Melanie's first attempt at writing. She had an idea and a name (that still makes me shiver! read the book, you'll understand) and went with the story blooming in her head. She's a musician, writer, and pyschologist, with a heart of gold and some of the quickest wit I've ever come across, that shines through in her heroine, Dylan Foster. (who, now that I think about it, probably has a lot in common with Melanie herself! haha)

Here's the excerpt for her newest release "My Soul To Keep" :

As nasty as I knew Peter Terry to be, I never expected him to start kidnapping kids. Much less a sweet, funny little boy with nothing to protect him but a few knock-kneed women, two rabbits, and a staple gun… It’s psychology professor Dylan Foster’s favorite day of the academic year–graduation day. A day of pomp, circumstance, and celebration. And after all the mortar boards are thrown, Dylan and some of her best friends will gather around a strawberry cake to celebrate Christine Zocci’s sixth birthday. But the joyful summer afternoon goes south when a little boy is snatched from a neighborhood park, setting off a chain of events that seem to lead exactly nowhere. Police are baffled, but Christine’s eerie connection with the kidnapped child sends Dylan on a chilling investigation of her own. Is the pasty, elusive stranger Peter Terry to blame? Exploding light bulbs, the deadly buzz of a Texas rattlesnake, and the vivid, disturbing dreams of a little girl are just pieces in a long trail of tantalizing clues leading Dylan in her dogged search for the truth.

I've never been this impressed with a debut author, and now that Melanie's series has taken off, I hope she does more. In fact, I'm planning on emailing her now and begging her to make a #4 in the series. Even if its just for me =P

You can visit Melanie's website here and buy her books. All of them. Really, its best to read them in order, you'd get SO much more out of it that way.

PLEASE trust me that its worth buying all 3!

Hurry, go!

Why are you still here???? SHOOO!!!!!

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Oh no, I'm a dork! I need to get these, I really really do. THanks for the tip.