Tuesday, August 14, 2007

From Stressed to Blessed

Do you ever just wake up in the mornings and think...


It's becoming quite common for me. Too much to do, not enough time to do it in, and never enough hours of sleep. The last several weeks, I've been clinging to the mental picture of me tapping God on the shoulder and saying "Excuse me...can I have a time warp please?" Hey, Joshua got one - God stopped the sun for him! I'm not asking for anything dramatic. No need to mess with the yearly calendar and weather patterns of the entire world. Just another hour or two a day would be sufficient! =)

The term "when it rains, it pours" isn't really adequate in my current situation. More like "When it rains, it hurricanes." (And hey, even better, it rhymes! ha!) Right in the middle of trying to sell our house and close on our land and new house (which due to circumstances outside our control, has become quite complicated), my husband breaks his ankle. Which also slams the door shut on his entering the fire department this year as planned. Now he's gotta wait for January, which, by the way, was a HUGE disappointment to him. He's realized now it was all for a reason, and is looking forward to January, but the emotion of that revelation was hard to deal with for both us. Also, because of the ankle, we're only getting 2/3's of his paycheck since he's off his feet for 6 weeks. (With all that being right in the middle of the house drama, it is in MY opinion bad timing, but I realize God's timing is perfect, even though it might not always be understandable...) Also, admist those stress factors, I'm trying to finish my current WIP to pitch at the ACFW conference in September (the highlight of my year!) and all the details that go with... (writing a synopsis, updating business cards, creating one-sheets, etc.) THEN, I got asked by the women's ministry coordinator at my old church to speak at their women's retreat in a few weeks. That was great news, of course, but as I'm not yet experienced with public speaking, it's making me just as nervous as it is making me excited!

So, yes, lots going on. Not sure where my hubby will be working in a few months. Not sure where we'll be living. (Anyone wanna buy our house? hehe) But God knows. And after my pity party ends, I realize that God is STILL in control and STILL has a plan. He knows my limit of what I can handle and better yet, is teaching me I can handle anything when I just give it over to Him. I might not get all my answers today, or even get my requested time warp, but as long as my heart and motivations are on the right track, He'll see me through. I know God will bless my efforts and my time, He desires me to be productive as much as I do, and knows what I truly need to accomplish. But in the middle of that is a big bubble of rest that I feel Him inviting me to plop down into.

"Rest, my little busy bee. Don't forget why you're doing the things you do. Breathe. I'm still here. And my watch hasn't stopped."

So for all of you out there feeling overwhelmed, stressed, empty, run-down, maxed-out.... (hey, this sounds like Lucy's Vitameatavegiman commercial!! lol) take it the One whose broad shoulders never tire of our heavy loads.

You'll probably find me right there using His other one =)


Erica Vetsch said...

Such sage advice and just what I needed to hear in this run-up to the conference. Thank you!

Georgiana said...

I love the Vitameatavegiman commercial! LOL no need to change the calendar and weather patterns! You're going to make it, and it's going to be good. You're right--God's got the situation under control. Remember, you are butter.