Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Interview with Sally Stuart!

I was recently given the honor of interviewing Ms. Sally Stuart, of the ever popular
"Sally Stuart's Christian Writers' Market Guide"!

If you've never picked up a copy, you're seriously missing out! I've personally found the Christian Writers' Market Guide to be THE most helpful resource currently available to Christian authors world-wide!

Betsy: What first inspired you to create the Writers' Guide books?

Sally: I started searching out markets for my own writing from the time I started writing. Soon I was sharing that market information with other writers through writer's periodicals. Eventually one of my editors told me if I'd put a book together he'd publish it. I did--and he did--and the rest, as they say, is history.

Betsy: Will you share with readers a little bit of your own spiritual journey?

Sally: I became a Christian when I was 13--although I was not raised in a Christian home. Even though I was very shy as a young wife and mother, at one point--with three young children at home--God lead me to writing as a way to express myself in ways I couldn't verbally. I have felt his leading through all these years both as a writer and in doing the market guide to facilitate others as they follow His leading as well.

Betsy: What are some of your favorite Christian fiction books?

Sally: I love the Mitford Series!

Betsy: Who are a few of your favorite Christian fiction authors?

Sally: Penelope Stokes, Lauraine Snelling, Donna Fleisher, Bonnie Leon, Elsie Larson, Bette Nordberg

Betsy: Do you have other projects going other than the Christian Writers Guide line?

Sally: I don't have anything in the works right now. Just finishing up the 2008 market guide. It takes up most of my time, but I hope to get back to writing after I retire in the next few years. I miss the freelance writing that I did for so many years. I have written a dozen books (mostly nonfiction) in addition to the 23 editions of the market guide. I did have a western novel I co-authored published in the general market.

Betsy: Thanks for visiting with us today, Sally! On behalf of Christian writers everywhere, let me say - we sincerely appreciate you and your hard work! =)

Visit Sally and purchase her newest market guide here!


Georgiana D said...

Oh no! When Sally retires, will someone take over? Some writers (I won't mention any names) love to highlight, underline, and sticky note the Christian Writers' Market Guide. It's an amazing tool.

Gretch@Sketch said...

Ohhh I need to read this too! lol