Sunday, June 03, 2007

Blogging by the sea...

I'm writing this blog on a laptop, from the balcony of the condo here at the beach. Yay for vacations! I'm on the third story, and its about 7:15 a.m. I've already been down to the water to run. I got up at 6, threw on my workout clothes, grabbed a bottle of water, and hit the sand. It was relatively deserted, save for a few early morning shell-seekers.

I started jogging, but the surf was loud, the air cool, and the rising morning sun gorgeous. I broke into a full run, trying not to crush too many shells under my running shoes while sprinting on the wet-packed sand. I had to run at an angle, matching the pattern of the waves so I didn't get my Sketchers wet. Finally, exhausted, I looked up and realized I was QUITE a ways from my condo!

I turned around and started back, this time taking my time to look for shells. The sea had churned up a zillion overnight, and the sand was covered with them! Some broken, but still beautiful. (I'll save that analogy is for another blog!)

I found a few treasures and carried them and my water back up to the loose sand toward my condo's pier. My calves burned and like I do every time I come to the beach, I thought about how difficult it is to walk in sand. Impossible to do with any grace, really. Then I started putting my feet in existing footprints, and found I could walk so much easier! So I hopped, skipped and jumped (literally) from footprint to footprint, making my way back toward the pier.

And I realized that if we would just walk in Jesus' footprints, and follow Him, our lives would be that much easier. Still difficult at times, still requiring effort, of course - but with more grace. If we stick close behind Him, mimicking HIS every move, rather than indulging in our carnal nature and the distractions and sin of the world, we'd make it back "home" with less difficulty.

When I followed in those footprints, and focused on where I was going, walking became easy again. When I looked off the trail, watching other people or letting myself become distracted - I'd lose my step.

Will you put your feet in Jesus footprints today?


Erica Vetsch said...

Beautiful! Enjoy the vacation!

Sally Bradley said...

Wow, great analogy, Betsy. I so miss the beach.

Georgiana D said...

I agree, great analogy. Those are great prints to follow. Glad to hear you're having fun on the beach!

Paula said...

I had the same experience when I climbed the Great Sand Dunes a few years ago. I couldn't make it on my own, but if I stepped wherever my husband had just stepped I could keep climbing. I, too, thought about God and how I needed to walk in His footsteps--how by following Him we can climb to places we could never reach on our own.