Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Interview with Christopher Griffith!

Today I was given the privilege of interviewing Christopher Griffith! Chris is a new Christian fantasy author with a strong heart for God! His debut novel, "Jayden's Journey" is now available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I'll provide links, but first let's meet Chris!

Betsy: Welcome, Chris! It's good to have you with us today. Tell us a little about the plot of your debut novel, "Jayden's Journey."

Chris: "Jayden's Journey" is actually the prequel to the Battle for the Sacred Realm series. Sort of like what The Hobbit was to the Lord of the Rings trilogy. "Jayden's Journey" gives the reader an insight into Jayden's (the character the series centers around) life prior to and leading up to his calling to help defend the Sacred Realm. I wanted the readers to really get to know Jayden so they would be able to relate to him throughout the series.

Betsy: Sounds great! So, how many books will be in the final series?

Chris: The series will consist of four books, including "Jayden's Journey."

Betsy: What are your plans for publishing the remainder books? Do you see yourself using Publish America again?

Chris: Since books 2,3 & 4 tie into each other, I am going to hold off on finding a publisher until the series is complete. I am hoping in doing this, more companies will be open to signing me on. As far as PublishAmerica, I did not have a problem with them, at all. They were very helpful to me, being it was my first time to be published. However, for the remainder of the series, I am hoping to sign on with someone bigger.

Betsy: Makes sense. So, what was it like seeing your book in print for the first time?

Chris: To be honest, I knew when the book came out that my work was far from over. Don't get me wrong, it was great to see my first project transformed into a book, but on the other hand, God has called me to write a series, and I still have a long way to go in my own journey of completing that calling.

Betsy: Tell us a little about your own personal spiritual journey.

Chris: Imagine riding on one of those old wooden roller coasters at an amusement park. Up and down, up and down...and very bumpy throughout. That is my spiritual journey in a nutshell. However, it is by God's grace I am where I am today.

Betsy: Quick - name three of your favorite fiction authors.

Chris: Definitely C.S. Lewis, he's at the top for me. Then I'd have to put J.R. Tolkien in that list along with Ted Dekker.

Betsy: Excellent choices! So, what does a 'day in the life of Christopher Griffith" consist of?

Chris: Nothing out of the ordinary. Wake up, spend some time in the word, feed my little girl breakfast, go to work, come home, spend time with the family. If it is Wednesday I am in front of the TV by 10 to watch LOST. I'm a family first kind of guy so I try and spend as much time with my wife and daughter as I can.

Betsy: What is your biggest writing goal right now?

Chris: Right now, finish the BSR series.

Betsy: When were you first inspired to write Christian fiction?

Chris: About two years ago. I was watching the Lord of the Rings on DVD and out of nowhere felt a desire spurn in my heart to write a series. After a couple days of praying about it, I knew God was calling me to spread His Gospel of Peace and Hope to the world through this story He has blessed me with. It has been an honor to be used by Him and it has truly been a humbling experience, to say the least.

Betsy: Any other ideas cooking, othan than finishing this series?

Chris: I'm actually in talks with a production company to write some movie scripts for them. My true passion is to be a screenwriter, however if the Lord calls me to write another book/series after BSR is complete, than so be it.My closing.

Betsy: Wow, sounds fantastic! Well, thanks for visiting us today, Chris! It's great to have you.

Chris: Anytime Betsy, God Bless!

Check out Christopher Griffith's website here!

And for a link to purchase "Jayden's Journey", go here!

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