Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Breakfast of champions?

Do you eat breakfast?

They used to say that people who ate breakfast weighed less overall  but now they're changing those stats to not necessarily be true. I guess it depends - maybe people who eat a granola bar or oatmeal for breakfast vs. those who eat the Denny's Grand Slam? ;)

I usually eat a small breakfast like a granola bar or some fruit but some days skip it altogether. I love eggs and bacon and all that but just can't do it first thing in the morning. I don't like feel heavy in my stomach all day. IHOP for dinner however... haha.

What do you think? Jumpstarting your metabolism in the morning good, bad or neutral?


cjoy said...

We're huge cereal people, the kids in particular. Or bagels. Today I had only a nectarine (and coffee -but that goes without saying) which left me hungry and I was popping some pretzels in my mouth and pondering the balance of a good versus over-light breakfast when I saw this post. Ha!

I need to make tons of healthy muffins to keep on hand but seriously, the ones we like best vanish in a day and a half and that's 3 dozen of them...I can't keep up!

Also, while the weekend may find us having a heavier breakfast as a family, we often prefer a big breakfast for dinner instead. ;D

Emii said...

I guess this is the perfect opportunity to ask the question I've always wondered! So, over here, the pretty standard breakfast is cereal. Or toast. And then on the weekend we might make a bunch of pancakes or crepes -- and on our birthdays, maybe we'll have bacon and eggs.

So my question -- do you American's really have breakfast like on the movies? Like a feast every morning? :D

Betsy St. Amant said...

Crystal that's hilarious.

Emii - no. It's not like the movies. LOL. At least not in my house. Or my friends. Usually everyone is too busy running out the door to school and work and appointments it seems to sit down together for breakfast. I think that's a beautiful picture though. I wish it could happen.