Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A dose of inspiration, a dash of Mr. Darcy...

Last weekend, to the shock and horror of Louisiana people everywhere, my friend Rebekah and I watched a chick flick instead of tuning in to what everyone else in the South was watching...the LSU/Florida game.


Let me explain! We watched Pride & Prejudice. (and it was over in time to catch the amazing 4th quarter!)

Am I forgiven now? =)

We had a girl's night (though really, how much of a girl's night is it when the main agenda of the evening is Mr. Darcy?) and ate pizza and breadsticks and oreos and drooled over her coffee table every time Mr. Darcy came on the screen. (yes, I'm happily married, but come on. Give me a break.)

For me as a writer, there's something so inspiring about watching the relationship between Lizzie and Mr. Darcy develop. Something so pure and innocent and right and whole. How did Jane do it? Well, let me clarify. Part of watching it as a writer is inspiring, the other part is just downright depressing because what are the chances of me ever creating such a relationship, such a classic? (After I left the theater from viewing The Lake House last year, I threatened to quit writing. lol)

Seriously, though, Darcy and Lizzie have once again encouraged me to try harder. Reach further. Dig deeper. Dream bigger. I might not ever create a classic, but I can do my best to portray the emotion and life of reality onto a page, and not just that - but incorporate a spiritual theme that will point my reader to Jesus and give Him the glory. Because that's what its all about.

(Though hearing Mr. Darcy say "You have bewitched me, body and soul" surely doesn't hurt. ::wink::)

So, next time you feel stuck in writers block or trapped beneath a heavy layer of blah, do something to inspire yourself. Read your favorite classic. Listen to a CD that moves you. Watch a movie that makes you cry. Buy a T-shirt that says I <3 Mr. Darcy (yes, they make them. lol) Find that emotion!!! Then translate it onto your pages. What's the recipe for a winner? I'd like to think its a dose of inspiration, a dash of Mr. Darcy, a dollop of patience, a handful of compassion, a sprinkling of humor, and a smidgen of reality-- all topped with the sweet glaze of the truth of Jesus Christ. Bake with lots of prayer and faith...

and it might just serve the masses.


Georgiana said...

I LOVE P&P!!!! Please please please tell me you watched the A&E version. Please? With sugar? Colin Firth really is the only Mr. Darcy!
Hooray for girls night!

Betsy Ann said...

No, I didn't! (duck) We watched the newer version, its the only one I own and besides, we didn't have 5 hours to spend on it! lol I know, I know, everyone swears the older one is better but I believe (ducking again) that Matthew M. is a better Mr. Darcy than Colin Firth!! He's more attractive and brooding and seems to fit the character better in my mind. Just my personal opinion, I don't "not" like the A&E version, but I do like this one, too. Please don't throw things at me.... lol

Maybe its a generation thing???? I really feel alone in this. LOL. Oh well. Usually =P

Timothy Fish said...

If we are playing the numbers game, the chances of any of us writing a classic is very slim. But who really cares about the numbers? There is always a chance. I think that the thing that makes for a classic is that the author stays true to his or her self and writes a story that is different than what people expecting. It also has to be enjoyable. If you want a classic, you will need to write a book that a parent will hand to a child, a grandparent will hand to a grandchild and say I read this when I was your age. You should read it.

Something to think about, while Agatha Christie is herself a classic, her books are not. Wilkie Collins is not as well known, but The Woman in White and The Moonstone are classics. What makes the difference? He was first. There is a huge difference between being recognized as the first to write a detective novel and being one of the most read authors of detective novels. If you want a book to be a classic, make it unique, otherwise it will get lost among the books that look just like it.

Georgiana said...



Georgiana said...

Ok girly-poo, duck and run....

really really fast!

Betsy Ann said...

LOL!!!! You what I mean!!!!