Monday, October 30, 2006

Interview with Rachel Hauck!

Rachel Hauck has created a winner with her fun and inspiring, newly released novel "Lost in Nashvegas"!!

I was given the honor of interviewing this sweet woman today!
Thanks for joining us, Rachel. Tell us, how was the idea for "Lost in NashVegas" born?

Rachel: Actually, my agent called me with the idea of country girl chick lit, and she suggested making the heroine a songwriter. I happily agreed. *Choke* I knew nothing about songwriting. I had a lot to learn, but it was very fun.

Betsy: What message do you hope to convey to readers through "Lost in NashVegas"?

Rachel: Don't let fear chain you down or rule over you. Go for your dreams. God's love truly does cast out ALL fear. All fears.

Betsy: Your recent chick lit novel "Georgia On Her Mind" got rave reviews! Was the success of that story a surprise?

Rachel: Great question. There's a part in all writers that hopes every book will be a smash. So, I was pleased, but also after editing the book so many times, I was really tired of the character and I felt reviewers would see her as I saw her after 6 or so edits. Made me a tad nervous. But my editor at Steeple Hill is fantastic and I trusted she knew what she was doing. And, she did.

Betsy: Do you ever incorporate personal experiences into your stories, or are they truly all fiction?

Rachel: All stories have some element of personal truth, or experience. Exaggerated of course. For Lost In NashVegas, I drew on my own experience of unreasonable "what if" fear. The kind that hits you out of nowhere and knocks you for a loop. I know the power and truth of God's Word in overcoming.

Betsy: That's amazing! So, what hobbies do you have outside of writing?

Rachel: Hobbies? Um, what's a hobby? I am involved in several ministries, and I love to watch college football. Go Buckeyes!

Betsy: Rachel, what are some of your personal favorite books? The ones you would read over and over?

Rachel: I've read the Little House Books a dozen times. I love them. I'm really not a read over and over type of reader.

Betsy: When did you first feel the call of God on your life to write?

Rachel: When I was ten or so, I thought I wanted to write. Then I wrote a poem for my 4th grade class. It was really good, surprise, and my dad picked up on it and told me for the rest of my life, "you're a writer, Rachel."

Betsy: How inspiring! Rachel, what stories are you working on now that readeres can look forward to?

Rachel: I just finished Diva NashVegas which comes out in the Spring, and am working on a new book set in the Carolina low country.

Betsy: Will there be a sequel to "Lost in NashVegas"?

Rachel: Diva is sort of a sequal. There is a different heroine, but Robin from Lost In NashVegas shows up.

Betsy: Great! What words of advice can you give to aspiring authors today?

Rachel: Don't give up. You'll never achieve your dream if you give up. Also, keep working the craft, and read, read, read!

Betsy: Thank you so much, Rachel! We appreciate you stopping by!

Read more about Rachel and her books at her website! Check it out today at

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GeorgianaD said...

Oh, I HAVE to get this book! I loved Georgia on Her Mind, and as a reader, I sure didn't get tired of the character:)