Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Roses are red...

I went out of town this past weekend, at a family reception in Houston, Texas. My husband was supposed to be accompany me and my parents, but at the last minute, got called in to work overtime Saturday. When you've only been married 2 years, you don't say no to extra $$!

I told Hubby I was sorry he had to miss it, but he didn't seem to mind too much. We said goodbye, I headed off with my parents Saturday morning at the crack of dawn. We had a great trip, and we got home Sunday evening around 6:30. I pulled up in the driveway, and lo and behold, I had a beautiful flowerbed!

I jumped out of the truck and ran to inspect. The area in front of the house that once held burned out, half dead azalea bushes now boasted a beautiful flowerbed of a variety of bushes, flowers, and vines. I had stepping stones. I had a backdrop. Even a new matching welcome mat at the door! The azalea bushes had been dug up and thrown away, out of their misery at last.

I was in awe. It was so gorgeous. Hubby came outside. "Surprise!" And oh, it was!

It turned out everyone had been in on it. There had never been any overtime opportunity. It had been planned from the start. My parents even knew! Maybe I'm just naive, or oblivious, but his entire family had spent the day at my house Saturday, planting and digging and weeding. His mother even funded the majority of the garden. I was overwhelmed with the unexpected (and undeserved!) display of kindness and generousity.

My hubby rocks! =)

I've attached before and after pics below!




GeorgianaD said...

Your parents were in on it too? How on earth did they keep such a secret? Hmm, what else might they have in store? Maybe you'll have to leave town more often!

Your house is seriously nice. I know nothing about gardens, so you'll have to explain each plant:)

Betsy Ann said...

I don't either! lol My thumbs are closer to flaming red than green! hehe We got strict instructions on how much and when to water. They are all baby plants, obviously, and it should really fill out nice here soon.

The tall plant closest to the mailbox, furthest from the camara, is a Morning Glory. Sure enough, each morning it has several gorgeous blooms! They wither away during the day and more come the next day! =)

Everything she planted is supposed to be year-round plants. We'll see!!! =)

Betsy Ann said...

I have to comment on this - I love my bench! It was on sale for $50 bucks at a Brookshires! Its my favorite and I don't even sit on it! lol

Anonymous said...

Very nice!!!

GeorgianaD said...

You're going to have to post again when everything is blooming:) I'd need specific instructions too. My hubby thinks twice before bringing home anything green, since I killed his last one.

Cathy West said...

That is SO romantic!! Now, if you don't use this story for one of your wips, I'm gonna steal it!!
Hey, I figured out how to send attachments from here, so I might be sending you something this week, if I can find enough uninterrupted time to actually write! So much for my grand ideas of writing ALL summer!!! :(

Alison Strobel Morrow said...

That is SO sweet. I can kill silk plants, I'm so bad at gardening, yet I love beautiful gardens. Very frustrating. The people that lived in our house before us planted all sorts of roses and lilies and a ton of other stuff I can't identify in the backyard, and we haven't done a thing to them since we moved in 2 years ago. They're taking over the berm, but they sure are pretty! Just wish I knew what to do to keep them healthy. Part of it is laziness--and a deep disinterest in getting dirty. :) I sure wish someone would come along and transform my garden that way--unfortunately, my husband shares my lack of enthusiasm for dirt. :) Can't wait to see your garden in full bloom--please post pictures when things have grown up and filled in!

Deborah Raney said...

Besty, that was the SWEETEST thing! You should treasure that man! And his family! And yours. : )

My dh made me a beautiful garden this spring, too, so I've seen the hard work that goes into a flower bed like yours--and stepping stones! So pretty! I'd love it if you posted a photo every few weeks! : )

Thanks for your post about the ACFW conference. It truly is a great one!